Quality Vanilla Bean Import – Retail and Wholesale

Come to the source...

Madagascar’s world-class vanilla beans are the choice of chefs, and the delight of discerning consumers.

Inside every great confection are great ingredients.

Demand nothing less than genuine Madagascar vanilla.

If it’s worth making, it’s worth making the right way.

With vanilla from the world’s highest quality beans.

Madagascar Connection is dedicated to putting the taste of genuine Madagascar vanilla beans on your menu. Our beans are grown, picked, cured and refined to the highest standards we know of. But we’re determined to do more than merely delight your palate; we’re also working to benefit people the world over. Whether it’s giving our farmers a fair share of the value of their product, or helping the needy with part of our profits, Madagascar Connection strives to make both your table and your world into better places.

Our Vision

Crossing the Earth to bring you our product helps us embrace a larger social perspective.

Our Curing and Refining

Half a world away, the Madagascar sun brings out a flavor like no other.

Our Vanilla

Genuine Madagascar vanilla beans. Prized everywhere by exacting chefs.